Your ball lands in the woods  -   What are your options?

  1. Hit a provisional ball if you think your ball may be lost.

  2. If you find your ball it becomes the ball in play
    (you cannot play the provisional ball).

  3. Play the ball as it lies - no penalty.

  4. Declare the ball unplayable.
    (a) You may drop the ball within two club lengths no nearer the hole - one stoke penalty.
    (b) Line the ball up with the hole and go straight back along that line as far as you like - one stroke penalty. 

  5. If your ball is lost you can play the provisional ball - penalty stoke and distance (if it was your tee shot you would now be hitting your fourth shot).
    If you didn't hit a provisional ball, you must go back to where you hit the errant shot and re-hit - penalty stroke and distance.

Your ball lands in a hazard -  Where are the hazards?

  1. The hazards are -
    (a) Hole # 4 & 13, the woods behind the green. Note The left side out of bounds, penalty stroke and distance.
    (b) Hole # 5 & 14, the ditch on the left side of the fairway.
    (c) Hole # 9 & 18, the ravine on the left side and the ditch on the right side and other hazards as marked.

  2. You may play your ball as it lies in the hazard -
    No penalty (don't ground your club or move loose impediments)

  3. Drop a ball within two club lengths of the point of entry, not nearer to the hole - penalty one stroke.